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  1. GHB Tanjung anom

    Shoope 😂😂😂

  2. Sheldon Fernandes

    Now everyone knows that it wasn't a pen ..but barkadogs vl still blame the refs for the pen nd those 4 mins.. Instead of thanking zidane for subbing the monsters like benz, kross nd vini ..

  3. Ian Alfred


  4. Svetlana Afanaseva

    I watch this match yesterday, I like this cartoon 😂😂😂

  5. drrtyi jiogg

    I watch the first few seconds, and just seeing the slippery surface signs, the snowman and hearing the beat, I'm loving it already.

  6. nawaf adel

    Hate you I like what is it another person

  7. JuanLELE YT

    now in this last years he has won 9 ligas 6 copas del rey 4 champions leagues 3 uefa super cups 3 fifa world club cup AND 6 GOLDEN THINGS hahahaaa!!!! did you hear Cristiano i say 6, CR7: talk to me when you win a UCL or a international trophy

  8. Syed Malysia

    Dean where is mingueza goal?

  9. M1GPS4

    Ronaldo: I LOOK LIKE HARRY MAGUIRE Harry Maguire watching this videos: DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? DO DO DO YOU KNOW WHO WHO I AM?

  10. William Pike


  11. Riccardo Bussoletti

    Buffon Lahm Maldini Beckenbauer Roberto Carlos Xavi Zidane Pirlo Messi Ronaldo Maradona

  12. Tarso Rizo Ribeiro

    What a clown

  13. M1GPS4

    Fun Not Fact Trent looks like Iker Casillas in Goats United when Dean picks him

  14. JuanLELE YT

    I will mis MSN so much

  15. Clever Clown

    We knew Neymar will end up somewhere in the vidieo

  16. M1GPS4

    Me: *trying to sleep* My brain: *Penaldo's flute abiliity*

  17. احمد عاطف

    Minguaza he looks like pewdiepie

  18. Srihari Ananthalwan

    And what about meee... killed me

  19. Mic Star Gaming


  20. un argentino del mundo

    1:42 Salah red imposter Sus

  21. Forbidden VIP

    Wrong kit if Barcelona they had a special kit

  22. Tjzzzz

    that slow motion lmao

  23. MimicEagle

    For me Iker Cafu Moore Beckambuer Maldini Zidane Cruyf Maradona CR7 Pele Messi

  24. M1GPS4

    Fun Fact Dean tried not to laugh because of Barcelona's defense making this video

  25. vonicy fn

    2.24 he really 2012 World Cup 😂😂

  26. ItxEmergencyServicesNorthEast

    Spurs: 1-3 Man U

  27. JJ


  28. PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre

    Flashback 2011 Pedro story Final champions league Barcelona x manchester united

  29. Saeb Y.

    what song is this a parody of

  30. Super G V2

    The most interesting thing about the match was the heavy as rain pouring down like there's no tomorrow

  31. David Kain

    First time! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Wipp

    @442oons singing in the rain was released exactly 69 years ago, same day u posted the video, u guys knew it or it's just a coincidence?

  33. Joe Maroun

    Why changing your cartoons drawing way I prefered them before

  34. MrPotato King

    1:14 i feel like dean or whoever sang this line good idk why I like it so much.

    1. drrtyi jiogg

      Burda Türkler Varmı ? Varsa 1 Yazsın

  35. Kurt Villanueva

    We Barça Fans Hate That Referee Reasons Why: 1. He always makes us lose in El Classico 2. He sent Messi out on the last important minute in the Super Cup Final 3. We just hate this referee

  36. Declan Mundell

    Petition for the original animation style to come back for a video

  37. TEAM Music

    Is ridiculous

  38. Sunhay Seam

    This editing of this video is quality and pure entertainment, thank you for making my day, excellent content!

  39. Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva


  40. Sanidhya Shahare

    Who's this genius writer. Koeman and his play for Barcelona always gets me.

  41. Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva


  42. La Relève Maghreb

    ربحت في سبعة مباريات

  43. udwin101

    0:36 no not Jessica alba!

  44. Artur Zαire Holanda です

    English: It's Coming Home Rest of the world: they are

  45. Asserian Sport

    Griezmann and Mingueza tho....

  46. Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva

    5:47 kkk

  47. ZappedgamerYT

    I wanna see how he makes pedri look

  48. Sverre Avset

    Why is noone takling about pele not being in the team?!?

  49. Bruno Gabriel Araujo Silva


  50. Zizou et Barthez Migatte no chauvui

    J'aime trop🤣😂

  51. Youssef Hany

    Hi I'm just want to understand when Ronaldo said "F is Frontmen, when they were good"

  52. samarth vanpariya

    That mingueza moment had me 😂😂

  53. suehely01

    I love this part: Ronaldo:what 93 Messi:the same as your rent

  54. Дима Виленский


  55. R Y


  56. JD Fàm Videos

    It's funny how Martin greet mendy

  57. JD Fàm Videos

    Where is Barcelona midfielder

  58. Nejdiball

    I think city got scammed

  59. Master Javi Gaming

    Where's the part where dembele was fouled clearly in the box

  60. Gabriel Souza

    in my FIFA career mode with Manchester United Barcelona paid Bruno's severance fee and I didn't look and he left ;-;

  61. Zia, Tvall

    Barca fans crying

  62. Ronny Patrick

    Ngl, this weekend had some entertaining games: El classico, spurs vs man utd

  63. Ronny Patrick

    Harry Maguire, is that you 0:46

  64. Nora Nasr

    The weather was SCHEIßE

  65. [ツ] Иateorious_

    I just realised we were rickrolled by 442oons

  66. Costa Rica Nature Photography

    Casemiro is the best DM in the world by FAR

  67. Alex Gaming YT

    My favorito is Thomasshole Müller

  68. Harteshwar Singh

    Was there a foul on ramos by lenglet in the previous El Classico???????? Noooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Sindre k

    It defo was a pen for barca min two situations

  70. Venic

    I’m happy i stil could smile a little bit about the clasico

  71. Dhruv Sarkar

    Bruh when Messi held up the sign that this will be his last el Classico, the coach ripped it up.

  72. Margaret Dodge

    City wins

  73. Daniel 7

    and they say "It WaS a PeN" looooool it wasnt a pen dumb ass ppl

  74. Max Goth

    Am waiting for the goat to score against Huesca lol

  75. abdollah max

    ماكو عربي؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

  76. Tshimanga David Padingani

    No no and no

  77. Ryan M Howlett

    It's funny how, as an avid football fan, I had no idea that El Clasico was going on yesterday, until I saw the score on Transfermarkt!

  78. Ghostly_owen

    While this play is good did you know he kidnapped someone and was sent to prison for 7 months

  79. Jorje Perez

    F***** disgrace